Sunday, March 29, 2009

There is a rock in my shoe, and I am trying to fly.

I can't sleep, I can't even think.
My life is just water, dressed in pink.
As I say goodbye, I hate the sound.
I lost my mind, but now it's been found.
I hear my heart, as it begins to pound.
I know someday I will come back around.

My stomach yells and my brain screams.
I'd know myself better, if I knew what this means.

The voice in here never says goodbye,
she just sits in my head and tells me to die.
Fighting and screaming, and making me cry.

I've got so much emotion, I am crying.
Too much too handle, I think I am dying.
I need help, I do admit.
Or some day soon I may have a fit.
I just don't care about the things that should matter,
My brain is insane; Am I making myself sadder?

I tried my hardest, now I am done.
For if I try harder I will look dumb.

No more of these people,
No more of this place.
Because I have just come down with a new kind of case.
In my head I am blue,
I just called to talk to you.
But you disagree, you don't understand.

It's raining outside, just like in my head.
I'm sitting here thinking, alone in my bed.
Wish I could say more, than what's already been said.
I know it's not right to wish I were dead.

I sleep all day, I sleep all night.
In my head, there's this constant fight.
My legs are big, and my pants too small.
I'm on a cliff, and I hope to fall.

Is this a night in heaven, or a day in hell?
I get so loaded that I can't really tell.

This is me, letting go.
It's okay, don't tell me no.
See my hand, it's waving goodbye.
See no tears, I will not cry.

*Originally written in 2001

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