Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another lesson from Sam.

My eyes; alittle red
My lips alittle cracked
My lungs; alittle dark
And my heads alittle whack

My hearts alittle broke
My knuckels; alittle bruised
My heads alittle high
and my souls alittle used

My words; alittle slurred
My drink; alittle strong
My cup; alittle empty
and now its almost gone

But thats just me
Just plain old me
Same son of a bitch
That i'll always be

Cause my nose; alittle bloody
My cough alittle coarse
My back; alittle stabbed
My problems; alittle worse

But theres nothing too big
And I'll be alive tomorrow
Cause theres no point in dwelling
In good-for-nothing sorrow

?By Sam Bell?



Bravo. What great writing skills.

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